Torrino's Army
Torrino's Army
28mm Napoleonic Army and miscellaneous by MF (Rome - Italy)
28mm Napoleonic Army and miscellaneous by MF (Rome - Italy)

Feldmarschall or simply ..General

Marco Faraone, (1967) - Skilled Roman "figu-painter", also a 45-year old banker, a specialist in 28 millimeters toy soldiers painting; he also performed in the world of 54mm (metal or resin) and assembly and painting ground vehicles in 1/72 scale. He began with the painting of Napoleon in 1992, creating a refined diorama of the battle of Austerlitz in 1/72, facing Militaria '92. After years of working on commercial models in resin (1/72), discovered in 1999 in the production of white metal 28mm Front Rank. Starting there begins to paint the entire range Napoleonic giving rise to about 3,500 soldiers belonging to all European States in battle 1805-1815. Expert uniformology Napoleonic proposes the Battle of Aspern-Essling (1809), 28 mm in reproducing all of the combat units in the ratio of 1 to 125 (1 to 12 guns). Also stand out in the prestigious Napoleonic collection, over 150 personalities on horseback (by Napoleon to Czar Alexander I, Archduke Charles from Wellington).Collector of model trains in the unusual scale 1:160, is active in the breeding ground vehicles of World War II in scale 1/72 (famous playback of the 6th Panzer Division nell'Ostfront 1943/44 means in relation to average 1:10 for vehicles and and 1 in 30 for men). Much appreciated the production of white metal 54mm Napoleonic general (mainly Army of the Grand Duchy of Warsaw).



Al momento il sito costituisce una rassegna dei 3.500 soldatini in 28 millimetri, di epoca napoleonica dipinti dall'autore (MF) dal 1999 ad oggi... pensa che tristezza!

Segue rassegna di altri 1.500 soldatini in 20, 28 e 54 mm dipinti dall'autore ....peggio!

Sito patologico riservato ai collezionisti di miniature

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